Proofing a pizza dough ball in a good shape! Perfect Pizza Every Time!


KEVJES(500ml) for pizzas up to 12"; KEVJES PLUS(1000ml) for 12"-16" pizzas.

In Jan.2022

We launched our first KEVJES pizza dough proofing containers with 6 colors-500ml series for making family pizza up to 12 inch!

In Jul. 2023

As some of our customers complained that our regular size(500 ml) is a little bitter small, we proudly launched the KEVJES PLUS series for you. 1 liter size of the KEVJES PLUS silicone dough proofing container meets your needs for preparing large size pizzas(12-16 inch).

Why KEVJES Pizza Dough Proofing Container?

Hug your Dough Ball with KEVJES Pizza Dough Proofing Containers

  • Inlaid a reinforced steel frame inside which makes it more stable.
  • Holds the dough ball in a plump round shape as it rests. Preserve the pristine shape of your dough ball, even while they're freezing or defrosting.
  • A tight plastic lid to protect dough from drying out. Designed with a tight-fitting lid, these containers effectively prevent dough from drying out.

Your dough is yearning for this level of care, and you, definitely need it

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* Slove the problem of dough balls sticking together and losing their round, tight shape when proving.

* Freeze food in perfect portions - Great for bone broth servings, recipes, meal prep, and portion-controlled meals.

* Or simply use it for your cooking preparation.

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KEVJES-500ml Series

KEVJES-500ml Series

For pizzas up to 12 inch 

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